About Me

I have been researching natural healing for over ten years. Once I started researching for my book, my knowledge and understanding about our energy bodies greatly increased. Then, I started applying principles to my own healing. A lot of it is mental, the belief that we are sick or well, but understanding our surrounding environment is just as important. It takes strong will, knowledge, and effort to heal ourselves; and it is possible. I am here to help you maintain your strength and provide you with tools during your process to a happier and healthier life.

While doing research for my book, I was faced with several chronic health challenges that I was able to fix on my own. I had been to several naturopath doctors, and still couldn’t get the answers I needed to heal. So, I started doing my own energy work and clearing. This included several environmental and conscious adjustments. Proper knowledge and custom modalities are what ultimately lead to the dramatic increase of my health and wellness. 

What I Do 

I have many different modalities I offer to my clients. First and foremost, is guidance and support. Distant or in-person Reiki can be added to any session or session package. I can also create a Bach Flower remedy for your emotional and spiritual needs. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is also available.

Reiki and CST are very non-invasive energy-shifting work. Reiki is a Japanese technique that has been used for thousands of years to help reduce stress and anxiety and promotes healing. CST works with the fascia in the brain and can reset the entire endocrine and neurological system. It helps with vertigo, migraines, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and much much more. 

I also offer REIKI FOR PETS! pets respond amazingly to Reiki and has been known to help them through any emotional or physical stresses or injuries. Please inquire about rates.

My Philosophy

Everybody is unique and different, therefor the way they heal is going to be unique and different. There is no one way or right way, there is just the way that works for each individual.

We don't get through life or heal from sugar coatings. We get through it with strength and toughness. It's important to have thick skin in recovery. We gotta be real and honest with ourselves. We can have a negative and painful experience and still approach it with love and positivity. Ignoring it and pretending everything is ok is not realistic or honoring our feelings, and they will just manifest into dis-ease. 


Do you sometimes feel a bit off and can’t quite place why? Do you consider yourself sensitive to Energy? Is there a place in your life where you feel energetically disconnected?
I would love to hear from you! I can help. 

Contact Me

Giovanna Maimone

300 Carlsbad Village Dr.


Carlsbad, CA 92008

Email: Awaken@RealSpiritualist.com

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