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Reiki, CST, and Bach Flower Certified

Buddhist heart, Jersey mind.

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Meet Giovanna

Giovanna is a well-rounded artist, speaker, and spiritualist who uses energy and intuition to navigate through health and happiness. She is Certified in 2nd Degree Usui Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy (CST), and Bach Flowers. She is Vegan and has been studying natural healing for over a decade. She also teaches improv and believes laughter IS the best medicine and that we shouldn't take life too seriously. 


Giovanna is the author of "Let Me Break It Down for You"; which is a complete guide to understanding energy and frequencies in all forms. She is a philanthropist who helps the homeless and is passionate about helping others find their bliss. 

My Specializations

I help assess your energetic environment and find what could be present that is hindering your fullest potential towards health and happiness.

General Wellness

Natural Healing



Limiting Beliefs

Releasing Fear & Ego

CranioSacral Therapy 


What People Say About Her Book

"Her book is like a piece of esoteric candy."

Duke - Oceanside


"Be real, then be real spiritual."

Giovanna Maimone

Do you sometimes feel a bit off and can’t quite place why? Do you consider yourself sensitive to Energy? Is there a place in your life where you feel energetically disconnected?
I would love to hear from you! I can help. 

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